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National Finale Winners

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    Results – India Spelling Bee 2018-2019

    India Spelling Bee 2018-19 National Finale winners announced.
    The National Championship of the India Spelling Bee 2018-19 was held at Kolkata on 5th August at the prestigious Satyajit Ray Auditorium.

    The India Spelling Bee is a national Spelling Contest held all across India for School students. Thousands of students from hundreds of schools across India have participated in the contest over the past 12 months. From Manipur in the East to Goa and Gujarat in the West, from Uttarakhand in the North to Tamil Nadu in the South, India Spelling Bee has had unprecedented response in participation from students and school alike from 21 states of India.

    The contest had three levels -  School level, Regional level and National level. The students had won the contest at their respective schools to become the School Champs. They then competed at the regional levels to emerge as the Regional Champs. Today, these Regional Champs ( from East, West, South and North ) competed for the title, of the National Champs of Spelling. The children are of classes 1 – 9. They went through many interesting rounds of Spelling, Anagrams, Crosswords, Making words, Rapid Fire etc. etc. for the National Champs title which cames along with Trophies, Medals, Gifts and Certificates.

    GRADE 1 :
    Winner  : Trariti Pathak, G.D.GOENKA PUBLIC SCHOOL, Delhi
    1st Runner-up : Mahaashvin M.B, MAHATMA GLOBAL GATEWAY, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
    2nd Runner up : Sarvaa Kalate, HUTCHINGS HIGH SCHOOL & JUNIOR COLLEGE Pune, Maharashtra

    GRADE 2 :
    Winner : Kaavya Majumder, CATHEDRAL AND JOHN CONNON SCHOOL, Mumbai
    1st Runner-up : Rehan Fareed, THE HERITAGE SCHOOL, VASANT KUNJ  New Delhi
    2nd Runner up : Dhanya R., MAHATMA GLOBAL GATEWAY, Madurai, Tamil Nadu

    GRADE 3 :
    Winner : Monit Karmakar, BRIDGE INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Kolkata
    1st Runner-up : Saniddhya Jain, CATHEDRAL AND JOHN CONNON SCHOOL, Mumbai
    2nd Runner up : Kamalikha K P, MAHATMA GLOBAL GATEWAY, Madurai, Tamilnadu

    GRADE 4 :
    Winner : Dhruv Kamath, SANSKRITI SCHOOL, New Delhi
    1st Runner-up : Roopa Vijaykumar, MAHATMA GLOBAL GATEWAY, Madurai, Tamil Nadu
    2nd Runner up : Abhyudoy Basu, TECHNO INDIA GROUP PUBLIC SCHOOL, Bolpur,  West Bengal

    GRADE 5 :
    Winner : Ishan Mukherjee, SUNBEAM ENGLISH SCHOOL, BHAGWANPUR, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh
    1st Runner-up : Shreyashi Chattoraj, THE HYDERABAD PUBLIC SCHOOL, Hyderabad
    2nd Runner up : Agnibeena Ghosh, H.M.EDUCATION CENTRE, Hind Motor, West Bengal

    The keenly contested finale saw the winners claim their Medals, Trophies and yes their LAPTOPS !

    These are only some photographs. More photographs will be posted soon and will also be available for download.

    If any participating school would like to have some photographs please contact us and we will provide the same. You can also share the photographs with the local / national media / school magazine. Please use the official ISB Logo only ( if used ). We can provide you the same.

    Click Here for Regional Winners.

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