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India Spelling Bee is now available for participation in online format also. Schools and students can participate in the contest 'ONLINE', using their PC/Laptop/Smart Phone in ISB 2024-25.

The Registration for India Spelling Bee for 2024-25 is open. Any school anywhere in India can participate in both online and offline contest.


a) Every participant will get the ISB Guide Book by Email.
b) Every participant will get a certificate of participation.
c) The online and offline participants will all be treated at par.
d) The charges for online participation are same as the charges for offline participation.
e) There are no charges for regional or national level.
f) The regional level is an online contest as usual
g) The format of the national level will be decided in consultation with the schools.


i) The school has to register for the competition here.
ii) The Guide Book will be mailed to the students by email.
iii) School level contest will be held online on the date decided by the school.
iv) Students would be sent the certificates by email or by courier to the school (as decided by the school).
v) The school level winners and qualifiers would be eligible to participate at the regional level.

Registration process(for schools only):

Schools can register online by filling in the form below:

Click Here to fill up the form

NOTE: Once you submit the form, it will be sent to us for registration. You will be sent a mail with a PDF of your registration form attached.
You will be sent an acknowledgement once we have registered your school.

Any school from anywhere in India can register irrespective of Board, medium, size or any other category.

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School Level....(click for more pictures)

Regional Level....(click for more pictures)

National Level

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