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What is the India Spelling Bee?

The India Spelling Bee is a competition for students of all schools across India. It has school level, regional level and national level competition. It can be held in both written and online formats.

Who can participate in the India Spelling Bee?

Registration is open to schools with students in classes one through nine (1-9).

How do schools register for the ISB?.

Schools can register online by submitting the registration form. There is no India Spelling Bee registration fee for the school. Click here to register now.

How can my child be registered for the ISB?

Schools can register for the India Spelling Bee, and then eligible students at the registered school may participate. Individual Students are also allowed to participate at a fess of Rs 270.

What if there are not 50 eligible students in the school or homeschool association?

There must be a minimum of 50 eligible students at the school in order for the school to participate, no exceptions. Each group should have a minimum of 10 students.

What are the costs involved?

The students have to pay Rs. 175 for the Guide Book. The student has to submit his / her details at the school. This is a one-time charge for ISB 2024-25 and there are no other charges for regional or national level contest, should the student qualify. There are no charges for the school. This is the basic minimum charge and there are value added options also.

What materials are included in the fee?

The registered students will all get a ISB guide Book of the relevant grade (according to the class the student studies in) in a user-friendly PDF format. All participants will also be given softcopy of Certificate of Participation.

How can students prepare for participation in the India Spelling Bee?

The students can refer to the ISB Guide Book and prepare for the contest. It also has practice exercises and sample papers which can be used.

Does my child need a coach to participate in the India Spelling Bee?

Students do not need a coach to participate in the India Spelling Bee. The Guide Book is enough.

What is the timeline of the ISB competition?

Schools may register for the India Spelling Bee starting on March 16, 2024. The school level can be held till 31st March, 2025. School registration must be done by 28th February, 2025.

Is India Spelling Bee held online also?

India Spelling Bee school level contest can be held in both OFFLINE and ONLINE formats. The registered schools may choose the optin suitable to them.

I notice my school is already registered for the ISB. How can I find out who my school ISB coordinator is?

You will need to check with your school to find the current school ISB coordinator.

I’m a parent. May I register my son/daughter’s school?

No. Only school authorities may register a school for the India Spelling Bee.

How much does it cost to register a school for the India Spelling Bee?

There is no registration fee for the school to register.

What is an acceptable form of payment for a student to register for the India Spelling Bee?

The payment can be done through the school or directly through the link shared by Team ISB

Can primary schools participate in the India Spelling Bee?

Yes. Any school with students in classes 1- 9 can participate.

How and when will I be notified if our School ISB winner qualified for the State level?

A list of qualified students will be posted on India Spelling Bee website. We will also send mail to each school at the registered email id.

Am I required to use the School ISB materials exactly as outlined in the instructions, or can I adapt the materials to work for my school/students?

Yes only the ISB official material may be used for the contest. However the students can use any other books / reference material for preparation.

What are the prizes for the winners who compete in the India Spelling Bee National Championship?

School champions receive a medal and a certificate. Winners at the state and national competitions will be competing for cash prizes, medals and certificates. The national level winner also gets a LAPTOP.

My child is in class ten, but very interested in spelling. Can he/she participate in the India Spelling Bee?

No. The ISB is open only to students in classes one through nine (1-9) who are presently studying in a registered school as on July 1, 2024.

My child is interested in participating in the India Spelling Bee but his/her school is not registered for the ISB. Can my child participate with another school in the area?

No. Students can only participate with the school they are enrolled in. Unfortunately, presently if a child's school doesn't register for the ISB, he/she cannot compete. We do have open contests from time to time and you can contact us for the schedule of the same.

I missed the registration deadline for the India Spelling Bee. Can I still obtain materials to use in my school?

You may still purchase the school ISB materials, subject to availability and any extension in registration deadline. Please email info.indiaspellingbee@gmail.com for details

How do I contact the India Spelling Bee?

You may email the India Spelling Bee office at info.indiaspellingbee@gmail.com. One may also contact at 7003018023 (Phone/WhatsApp)

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